Good male sexual, prostate, and urinary health largely depend on the good condition of the pelvic floor. This tends to weaken with age, which is why it is important to apply prevention and care measures in this area of ​​the body.

The male pelvic floor is a topic that is not talked about frequently, since it is mistakenly thought that it is an unimportant area in men. In fact, many men do not even correctly identify this area of ​​their body or do not know that it exists.

It is very important to work the male pelvic floor to prevent problems such as urinary incontinence or erection difficulties. Some of these anomalies begin to appear around the age of thirty and often become more severe after the age of fifty.

When the male pelvic floor is properly worked on, prostate problems that usually appear with age are prevented. Likewise, it contributes to all the processes associated with sexuality working normally and even being enhanced.

What is the male pelvic floor?

The male pelvic floor is located in the lower part of the pelvis  and functions as a kind of “closure” of the area where the viscera are located, that is, the abdominal-pelvic compartment. To put it more graphically, it corresponds to the area on which the man’s body rests when seated. This area runs from the pubic bone, which is above the base of the penis, to the coccyx, which is the end of the spine. Laterally, it is the space between the sitting bones or the two bones that are on the sides when sitting.

In the male pelvic floor there are nerves, muscles, blood vessels, ligaments, and fasciae. The muscles in this area perform functions of:

  • Control.
  • Support.
  • Contraction.


In the pelvic floor there is a set of muscles that serve various functions. The most important of these is to control urinary and anal continence. This means that thanks to some muscles in this area it is possible to empty the bladder and intestine in an adequate way.

Likewise, the male pelvic floor serves as support for the bladder and rectum, which are the pelvic organs. In addition to this, the muscles in this area play an important role in both erection and ejaculation, which is why they are essential in sexual function.

The pelvic floor can be weakened by factors such as age and excess or lack of exercise. Likewise, this can be the result of neurological diseases, continued infections of the prostate or urethra, surgery to remove tumors or radiation therapy.

Weakness in this area, in turn, leads to urinary or prostate problems. Likewise, it can significantly affect sexual function, even leading to:

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome.


It is very important that men learn to identify the pelvic floor on their own body  and not just on an anatomy chart. To achieve this there are four tricks that are usually very effective. They are as follows:

  • Stop urination. It simply consists of stopping the emptying of the bladder to locate and feel the pelvic floor muscles. It is not recommended to do this exercise more than once a week.
  • Contain a gas. It is an exercise similar to the previous one, but in this case the objective is to retain a gas. This requires contracting the muscular ring of the anus. This hole is retracted and raised towards the inside of the body, just in the area of ​​the pelvic floor.
  • Observe in a mirror. It is good to try to contract the pelvic floor in front of a mirror. If done correctly, the penis retracts and the scrotum rises markedly.
  • Post-urination contraction. When you finish emptying the bladder it is good to try to contract the pelvic floor. If done properly, it will be possible to expel the remaining urine that may have remained. This also helps control post-void drip.

Other data of interest.

It is necessary to pay attention to this area of ​​the body and implement hygiene measures for the pelvic floor. The fundamental thing is to prevent this area from weakening and causing the problems already described.

Kegel exercises are highly recommended for strengthening the male pelvic floor.  These are very simple and totally recommended for men over thirty. Likewise, it is convenient to avoid obesity, take the necessary precautions to lift weights and control constipation.