What Happens If You Yell At Someone Having A Panic Attack?

What Happens If You Yell At Someone Having A Panic Attack? It may be natural to feel nervous or out of control when you have someone around having a panic attack. You may not know what to do and panic yourself. Yelling, shouting, or repeatedly telling them to calm down worsens the situation. A condescending attitude...

The Best Teas To Relieve Stress And Anxiety: Your Calm Is Just One Cup Away

Taking a moment’s break to make yourself a hot, soothing cup of tea is a bit of an underrated relaxation technique. The chemistry of the tea is just another cherry on the top! Tea has deep, ancient roots. Infusing leaves and flowers with hot water and sometimes milk is a centuries-old ritual. And yet its...

Top Wellness Products we Reviewed in 2021 Holiday Season

Priorities are clearly shifting for many. If the last 2 years has taught us something, it’s self care, our daily priorities and the people & products we surround ourselves make a world of difference. With the holiday season right around the corner it is time to relax; but first we must shop for those...

Top 5 Products to Reduce your Stress & Anxiety

Ajna Acupressure mat for massage
Everybody knows the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety but managing it can be difficult in today’s world. Investing in products that help alleviate your stressors is a win win. If you want to sleep better, control your weight, and be in a better mood take a look at the various options below.  Finding a...

What Causes Skin Tingling and How to Cure It?

By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, we can avoid discomfort such as the tingling sensation. Do you know paresthesia? It is the name given to the tingling on the skin, that sensation that an insect is walking through the epidermis. If you notice this with a certain frequency, we advise you to go to the doctor, as...