Not having a balanced diet will affect the functioning of our liver, which will not produce bile, which will lead to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Have you ever woken up with dark circles, bad breath and a swollen belly? If these symptoms are accompanied by great fatigue and little desire to eat you should read this article.

It is clear that any discomfort is a symptom of an underlying problem that does not have to be serious. However, one thing we should never do is resort to self-medication. 

First of all, we will do our best to take care of ourselves a little more, to improve our lifestyle and eating habits.

However, it is common that these very common problems are almost always due to an intoxicated liver.

Let’s see all the data in the following article.

The effects of a slow-working liver.

There are times when we overeat: we eat too many foods rich in fat, little fruit and little vegetables, we drink little water, we lead a sedentary life or with too high stress.

All this is causing small imbalances in our body that are evident in our exterior through dark circles, bad breath and a  swollen belly.

According to the Catalan Association of Hepatic patients, the reasons that can cause it are:

  • We have been eating incorrectly for a few weeks and, in a short time, we realize that we are already suffering from an episode of constipation.
  • This inadequate diet makes our bloodstream fill with toxins, dead cells and waste elements that go to the liver, which synthesizes and purifies our blood.
  • This accumulation causes the liver to be saturated and unable to carry out its functions normally.
  • slow-functioning liver causes it to stop producing enough bile.
  • If there is not enough bile, digestion is not carried out properly, so fats and nutrients are not absorbed optimally by the intestine, thus causing dark circles, bad breath and swollen wind.
  • A liver that does not work well gives its first signs of fatigue and dark circles in the eyes, in addition to the change in the color of our skin.
  • These problems can be specific. If it is something temporary, we can solve it by improving our lifestyle and eating habits, but do not hesitate to go to the doctor if you see that it is something recurrent.

Dark circles, bad breath and a swollen belly. How can we solve it?

Remedy with lemon and artichoke.

The first thing we are going to do is purify the liver and try to improve the functioning of our digestion. To do this, and over 10 days, we are going to take this simple remedy made with artichoke water and lemon. Take note.


  • artichokes.
  • 1 liter of water.
  • 1 lemon.


  • Cook our two artichokes until they are very soft. Once done, we will keep the cooking water.
  • When it is no longer hot, add the juice of a lemon and take all the contents to a glass bottle. We will be drinking throughout the day. The first glass on an empty stomach and the rest before our meals.

Salad to optimize liver function.

It would be very appropriate if every day or every other day, you prepared this salad rich in bitter vegetables and those nutrients that the liver needs to regenerate.


  • 100 g red cabbage.
  • One cup of finely chopped cabbage (80 g).
  • One small carrot, grated.
  • A cup of spinach (30 g).
  • 3 walnuts.
  • ½ avocado.
  • Some minced parsley.
  •  8 raisins.
  • A little fennel.
  • ½ pear, diced.
  • The juice of ½ lemon.
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (25 g).


We are interested, above all, in  consuming these ingredients raw and well washed.  All you have to do is cut the vegetables, the pear and the avocado into very small pieces and season it all with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

It is delicious. Don’t let her escape! It will contribute to the improvement of dark circles, bad breath and swollen wind.

A ginger infusion every afternoon.

  • It will be very good for you to drink a ginger infusion after eating to improve our digestion and help us purify toxins. Ginger root contains monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, and gingerols, powerful antioxidants that help the liver do its job.
  • In addition, ginger allows us to stimulate the transformation of cholesterol into bile acid, thereby reducing the level of bad cholesterol or LDL and improving our digestion.

So do not hesitate to have a cup every afternoon of this medicinal infusion. If you take care of your diet by dispensing with high-fat dishes, you increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and water, you will avoid annoying dark circles, bad breath and a swollen belly.