How To Avoid Excessive Sleep

It is common knowledge that not having enough sleep can lead to many unwanted issues affecting your everyday life. Nonetheless, most people do not realise that sleeping disorders also go the opposite direction, making oversleeping a pain point worth looking into.  Otherwise known as hypersomnia, daytime oversleeping is something you should evaluate if you find...

How To Help Someone Deal With A Panic Attack

how to help someone with a panic attack
What can you do if you are near someone who is in the middle of a panic attack? Sit back and let us tell you what you can do to help the person. To understand panic attacks, let's first understand what they are. In a panic attack, one experiences intense fear that causes severe physical reactions...

Here Is Our List Of Superfoods You Can Enjoy For Good Health!

Superfoods List
Although superfoods is a non-medical term, it’s quite the buzzword in the nutritional field - and with good reason. They pack up some remarkable health-promoting properties, making them a favourite among nutrition enthusiasts.  Superfoods are excellent options if you’re looking to boost your overall immune health. But, like any other food, they work even better...

The fit ball to relieve pain and strengthen the lower back

The fit ball, also called gymnastic ball or Swiss ball, has become a sports and therapeutic tool. Find out why it is ideal for relaxing and strengthening your lower back. It is possible that, on occasion, in the gym or other sports space, you have seen huge plastic balls. They are called fit ball, that is, a fitness ball. These...

The newborn’s microbiota

Today it is known that the newborn's microbiota plays a very important role in the development of its immune system. This microbiota begins to form in the uterus, but has a decisive advance after delivery, thanks, to a large extent, to breastfeeding. The microbiota of the newborn is a topic that has been gaining importance...

The lungs and their characteristics

The lungs are paired organs that allow us to breathe, they compress and dilate occupying part of the thoracic cavity. Without them it would be impossible for us to live. Breathing is living. Hence the importance of the lungs, one of the essential, most complex and sensitive organs of our body. The lungs are two soft, spongy, elastic, and...

The Human Being As A Superorganism

The human being as a superorganism
The human being is composed of a physical structure, the body, and a component based on consciousness and identity. What few know is that we present thousands of living beings within us that make us superorganisms. We all know that the human being contains living beings inside his body. Intestinal microbiota or specific viruses, among others, are examples...

The inertia of sleep or why you wake up clumsily and in a bad mood

Clumsiness and bad mood when getting up is common in those who suffer from sleep inertia. This is a condition in which a reduction in various cognitive and emotional abilities occurs, right after waking up. Many people feel tired when they wake up, despite having slept the hours recommended by specialists. Your mind can't think clearly and...

The lung preservation system for a transplant

Do you know how the lungs are preserved before being transplanted? The steps that are taken? The choice of donors? Today we will answer these and many more questions. The lung preservation system for transplantation is quite delicate. As well, we know, many organs must be transplanted as soon as possible because otherwise they may be useless. However, this does...

The Risks of Sedentary Lifestyle for the Heart

The risks of sedentary lifestyle for the heart
Various studies and many voices have been warning about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle for the heart. Physical inactivity brings with it many consequences that sooner or later end up deteriorating health and quality of life. The World Health Organization has pointed out on several occasions that inactivity is one of the main factors of premature...

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