If we eat while watching television, we are not aware of the amounts we eat, so we run the risk of overeating.

Did you know that eating in front of the television has harmful effects on your health? In the vast majority of houses, the television is in the dining room, in front of the table where the family dines. It is also common for adults to have lunch in front of the computer, so as not to “waste time” and continue working.

These two customs so deeply ingrained in today’s society have very bad consequences for our health in different areas. Find out what these dangers are in the following article.

Harmful effects of eating in front of the TV.

For the kids.

To begin with, children are the hardest hit by eating in front of the television. As a first measure, it causes overweight, as several studies on the subject claim.

These little ones are more likely to consume fat and sugar, therefore, calories. Also, they do not realize when they are satisfied to be paying attention to the “silly box” as television is often called. There is no doubt that this activity contributes to suffering from weight disorders and modifying behaviors at home.

On average, children spend three to six hours in front of the television each day.  It is then when they “take advantage” to make some of the following meals: breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

During that time, more chips, cookies, candy, soft drinks  and junk food are consumed. This undoubtedly leads to being overweight and could lead to other diseases such as cholesterol or even diabetes.

According to research author Leann Birch of the University of Pennsylvania, the problem itself is not watching television. Rather, at that moment children (or people of any age) eat without realizing the quantities, the flavors, etc.

Instead of consuming junk food, it is better to eat apple, carrot, celery, popcorn without butter, natural juices, etc. And in addition to being in front of the screen, exercising daily, especially outdoors.

At any age.

It is likely that more than once you have enjoyed your favorite program while having a snack or dinner. But you should know that this is not recommended.

These are activities that are not compatible with each other. In addition to what has been said in the case of children, adults also suffer a lot with this problem.

As we have already said, watching television while we eat inhibits the feeling of satiety, since the brain is focused on other things. That is, in what you are looking at. When we watch TV, we have a relaxed attitude, we get away a bit from routine and problems (if we don’t watch the news), we immerse ourselves in a fictional world. That is why we eat more without realizing it.

In addition, eating in front of the television is synonymous with appetizers or snacks, and not healthy food. And most of them are high in fat, as mentioned before.

Eating mechanically.

Another issue to keep in mind is that we put food in our mouths mechanically. This can cause us, in addition to being overweight, stomach pain and “bingeing”.

All of this is compounded when food advertisements appear. These are a stimulus to eat more and have more desire to eat those foods (which are never healthy).

Change the habit of taking some food to the couch when you turn on the television. And if possible, reduce the number of hours you spend in front of this color box.

Eat in the kitchen or that the dinner companion is not the television. Nothing better than a family chat to talk about the day, share moments with your children, etc.

The dangers of eating in front of the computer..

As with television, the computer is an intimate enemy of our health for several reasons.  These range from sedentary lifestyle to eye problems, through contractures and bad posture.

This activity or routine of eating in front of the computer  could develop greater problems, such as promoting obesity, according to some research.

It is common that to finish work earlier or to avoid having to leave the office we take advantage of lunch time so as not to leave the desk. We leave the container with the daily menu (which is usually something of fast food ) next to the keyboard. And while we answer an email or do a report, we take a few bites.

A polluted place.

It is often said that the workbench has 400 times more bacteria than a bathroom, but there are no studies to certify this.

What is certain is that the electromagnetic field of the PC could destroy the molecular structure of food and water and make them harmful to health. This means that it could lose its properties and nutrients, something that in the long term can be very harmful.

As if all this were not enough, eating in front of the computer has the same detailed effects in relation to television.

To avoid all this, take your lunch break. If you are very busy at work, reduce your break to half an hour. But don’t stop eating properly. Avoid eating in front of the television and your body will thank you.