Good hydration can both prevent and help relieve annoying cramps. Keep reading to know more.

A cramp occurs when a muscle contracts involuntarily, unable to relax instantly and causing pain. Next, we tell you the main causes as well as the remedies for cramps.

They usually occur in the back of the leg, although they can also occur in other muscle groups. In addition, an uncomfortable feeling of stiffness and tension is usually perceived that disappears spontaneously in a matter of minutes. However, there are those who are left with a discomfort that persists for several hours.

For all this, it is important to discover what causes them and see what measures can be taken to alleviate the discomfort. In this space, we want to give you detailed information and some practical recommendations to act as soon as possible.

Causes of muscle cramps.

An article published by the US National Library of Medicine has revealed that there are several factors associated with the development of muscle spasms.

Physical overexertion, pregnancy and age are some of those responsible for its development. However, most cases occur when something disrupts the oxygenation of the muscles or causes an excessive loss of fluids, salts and proteins.

A diet low in magnesium and potassium also plays a role in the constant episodes of this condition. Both minerals strengthen and relax muscles, while promoting good circulation.

Another theory suggests that they could be caused by biomechanical inefficiency, which also carries risks to circulatory health.

Depending on the cause, the treatment will be one or the other. However, in general, it is recommended to improve lifestyle habits: eat a healthy diet, hydrate properly and abandon a sedentary lifestyle permanently.

How to relieve muscle cramps?

Next, we will discuss some of the tricks that, according to popular wisdom, could be useful when it comes to relieving muscle cramps. Ready to discover them? Let’s go with it!

Increase your fluid intake.

Consuming water is essential to prevent muscle aches. This is because it helps activate circulation and improves oxygen transport to cells. For its part, isotonic drinks are also a good option to rehydrate, especially when physical activity or heat has made you lose fluids.

In fact, an article published by the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine has explained that these are recommended for athletes because they help to overcome the minerals that are lost through sweat.

Using hot and cold pads.

According to the following article published by the Journal of Sports Sciencesheat helps reduce inflammation; So, by using a heating pad, you will be able to relax the muscle when it is stiff and tense during the spasm.

On the contrary, the cold will be ideal to activate circulation as soon as the discomfort has ended.

Do stretching exercise.

Stretching and bending exercises are one of the best solutions to combat and prevent cramps in any part of the body. These should be done at the end of the sports routine and also during the work day.

According to the following article published by the Journal of the Argentine Association of Orthopedics and Traumatologylimb stretching activates the central nervous system and causes it to send a greater number of inhibitory signals to calm the ailment.

Loosening clothing, one of the remedies for cramps.

As soon as you notice the first sign of a cramp, it is important to loosen your clothing to give your muscles more room. Keep in mind that tight clothing makes circulation difficult and prevents rapid relief from this problem.

If you know that you tend to suffer from cramps, avoid wearing tight clothing and instead opt for clothes that do not compress you.

Improve diet.

If cramps have become a part of your day, you may need to review the nutritional quality of the foods  you are eating. So be sure to incorporate adequate amounts of:

  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Potassium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Folic acid.
  • B12 vitamin.
  • Niacin (form of vitamin B3).

Apply olive oil, one of the remedies for cramps.

As soon as you feel the pain, take a little olive oil with the palms of your hands and give yourself a gentle massage pressing with the tips of your fingers. 

As an article published by several researchers at the University of Barcelona explains, massage is another remedy for cramps that can relieve you in a time of need.

What popular wisdom raises is that olive oil , being so healthy for the skin, could contribute to anti-inflammation and therefore relief.

Take a warm bath.

When this discomfort interrupts your nights and decreases the quality of sleep, it is best to take action before going to sleep. So, heat up some water and take a bath to increase circulation in your legs and prevent cramps.

What if the cramps don’t go away?

In case you suffer from regular cramps and other discomforts and have not been able to get relief with the measures mentioned above, it is best to go to the doctor for a check-up and treatment.

Do not miss the moment of consulting with the professional! The sooner you know how to act, the sooner you will get relief and feel better.